What Are SMS Units?

With our plans, you can receive text messages (SMS) on your phone alerting you of every backup status, depending on how you set up notifications.

Each plan includes a number of "SMS Units". Our Standard plan includes 1000 SMS units, which means that one US or Canadian phone number would receive up to 1000 text messages under the Standard plan.

Each message sent to a phone number consumes a number of SMS Units:

Destination SMS Units Per Text Message
US, Canada 1
International (not currently available)

For example, if you're in the US and have one US phone number registered for notification and you receive one text message, this consumes 1 SMS Unit. If you have 3 registered US phone numbers and 3 text messages are sent, 3 SMS Units are consumed.

Other messages sent by us, like opt-in messages, do not consume SMS Units.

Once a subscriptions runs out of SMS Units, text messages are no longer sent. By renewing the subscription, SMS Units can be refilled. A subscription would need to be renewed once SMS Units run out, even if the subscription's one year time span hasn't expired yet.

Message and data rates imposed by your phone plan apply.