ubackup Documentation


Local Folders


When backing up a database server to local folders on the host, the Docker container has to be given access to these host folders. For each local backup folder (defined using Backup > Database Servers, Folder Backup Tab), a bind mount must be specified.

For example, if the database server is defined to save backups to local folder /important/backups, this can be mapped to a host folder using a bind mount. We'll name the host folder /host/important/backups. The bind mount would look as follows:

    -v "/host/important/backups:/important/backups"

Add a bind mount for each local folder mapped to a host folder to the docker command starting up ubackup.


The following shows an excerpt of a docker-compose file with the bind mount used above.

      - /host/important/backups:/important/backups


When running on Windows/IIS, no configuration is required as long as ubackup has full access to the local folders used to save backups.

For a local backup folder C:\Host\Important\Backups, using a command line prompt, give the following permissions to the ubackup application pool so it has full access to the folder:

icacls C:\Host\Important\Backups /grant "IIS APPPOOL\ubackup:(OI)(CI)F"